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Torrentum - Descarga Torrentum, versión 4.4.0

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Torrentum is a highly-competent p2p file sharing application built for downloading fast any files you may wish to get over the Internet such as movies, music, apps, games or texts. Using the BitTorrent protocol and written in java, Torrentum makes an excellent downloading tool full of many great features for both beginners and advanced users.

With this p2p client, the download/file sharing process becomes a real enjoyable experience as it offers users multiple simultaneous downloads, handy start-stop seeding options and instant access to detailed information concerning your torrents, queuing-priority systems (on torrents and files).

You will definitely find this program easy-to-work-with from installation to the actual downloading - a wizard guide will assist you to configure the app. Don't worry if you change your mind and want to explore other possibilities this client offers - you can also change the configuration at whatever time by selecting Tools and Options menu. Torrentum offers three configuration modes for you to choose from: beginner, intermediate and advanced. However, we recommend that you only opt for the Advanced mode if you know what MTU or non-blocking I/O are and you have experience with this kind of software.

Moreover, Torrentum offers a highly customizable interface with specific icons to simplify your experience with the program and adds numerous plug-ins.

Tarentum's key features:

Multiple simultaneous torrent downloads;
Extended configuration settings;
User-friendly interface
Advanced seeding rules;
Enables upload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent;
Only employs one port for all the torrents;
Fast resume;
Ability to import torrents automatically from a set directory;
Ability to set a default download directory and move finished files;
Modifiable disk cache.


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Captura de Pantalla Torrentum

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